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  • domina kim date of birth?
  • Is there a possibility of sex during a session?
    Ms. Kim offers professional sessions in an experiential way that does not include sex, There is no tolerance for any attempts to sexual acts towards Domina Kim. any solicitation of sex will cause the session to be terminated immediately and even violate the law.
  • What about keeping privacy / discreet?
    Lady Kim keeps customers discretion, understands the need for privacy and even backs customers to keep their privacy.
  • As a client, how should I define the session I am interested in?"
    Before you schedule a session meeting You need to know your fetish and fantasy. This will help you experience the session that works best for you. Use the Sessions page to figure out which fetish describe your session style precisely,You can also get inspired and learn more about new fetishes.
  • Is it possible for a session longer than usual?
    It is possible to have a long session than usual with at least one day's appointment.
  • How can I schedule an appointment?
    Once you've discovered your fetishes and you can describe the type of session you're looking for, You can use Whatsapp/contact form to schedule an appointment. You can find all the information on the contact page At your request message/contact form make sure to specify your name your age, the type of session you are interested in and if you have experienced a session before
  • Reception hours
    10am to 8pm.
  • Is it possible to take a shower after the session?
    Lady Kim's studio offers a shower for each one of her customers after the session!
  • Is it possible to know the boundaries of the Lady?
    Lady Kim sets clear and inflexible boundaries: sex slave,body/ass worship,nudity of the queen, facesitting,vomiting,wrestling,
  • Is it possible to drink alcohol before the session?
    In order to experience the session on the brightest side, you need to get a session with a clean and clear head. The Lady will not receive customers for a session that will come under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Is there a BDSM club that you recommend of?
    Definitely. I highly recommend the Club I perform there from time to time and you can also come there to see my show (2).png
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